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Ayelen Peressini
* Argentina 1986. Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain
The areas in the domain of Art, Design and Architecture

Studio Ayelen Peressini


2018 Wood Structural Calculations I Wood as building material. CFC + Architecture Department ETSAB Politecnic University of Catalunya UPC (ES)
2016 Master in Artistic research and creation. University of Barcelona (ES)
          Master Thesis: CROSSING BORDERS. Art and Architecture from a sculptural point of view. The "In Between" relationship.
2013 Canya Viva. Sustainable Architecture and Engineering. Terra Alta, Sintra (PT)
2012.13 Fellowship. Studio Nucleo. Torino (IT)
2008.11 BA in Fine Arts. Sculpture specialization. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona (ES)
2010.11  Exchange - BA in Fine Arts (Hons). Facultade de Bellas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (PT)
2010 Vicarte, Glass and Ceramic for the Arts. Faculty of Science and Technology. Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT)
2005.08 BA in Fine Arts (first triennium). Faculty of Fine Arts, University Complutense of Madrid (ES)


2018 Salamina (ES)
2016 Taller BDN. Badalona, Catalunya (ES)
2016 Fabra i Coats. Barcelona (ES)
2015 Sant Andreu Contemporary | Fabra i Coats Factory of creation. Barcelona (ES)
2014 La Escocesa, Factory of creation. Barcelona (ES)
2011 Sargadelos. International Ceramic Residency. Cervo Laboratories. Galicia (ES)
2007 Modelling and new Sculptural technologies. Tomás Bañuelos and Julio López Hernández. El Escorial (ES)

Fellowships / Awards / Fundings

2015.16 Fundació Guasch Coranty fellowship. Grants for artistic creation. Barcelona (ES)
2015.16 Van Beek Donner Stichting | Piet Zwart Institute Willem de Kooning Academie. Rotterdam (NL)
2015 Sant Andreu Contemporany. Residence and production grant. Barcelona (ES)
2015 CRUE-CEPYME Santander Grant. Barcelona (ES)
2005.14 Ministry of Education and Culture grant (ES)
2010 International Exchange program. UL University of Lisbon (PT)
2007 University Complutense of Madrid General Foundation Grant. Sculpture Scholarship. Madrid (ES)

Professional experience

Since 2013 Studio Ayelen PeressiniArt, Design and Architecture projects. Barcelona (ES) 
2017 Walk&Talk Art Festival Public Art Circuit Commissioned by KWY Studio. Ponta Delgada, Azores (AZ)
2015 Hello Wood Art Camp “Project Village 2015”.
Worked together Rikkert Paauw (NL) and Ifigeneia Dilaveraki (GR) Csórompuszta (HU);;;
2014 Hello Wood Art Camp "Architectural experiments. Play with Balance".
Worked together Frank Havermans (NL). Csórompuszta (HU).
2014 Santa Teresa Espai d´Art - Arts Libris. Internacional Fair of Contemporary Editions. Barcelona (ES)
2012.13 Worked in Studio NUCLEO. Torino (IT)
2012 Fine wooden furniture assistant. Rome (IT)


2017 A drift - La Scala Showroom with Bombon Projects. La Scala, Sant Marti Vell, Gerona (ES)
2016.17 Falla. Aldo Urbano and Ayelen Peressini. Arranz Bravo Foundation. Barcelona (ES)
2015 Nominated for Bloom Award by Warsteiner. Köln (DE)
2014 Adrift. Centre Civic Guinardó. Barcelona (ES)

2017 Public Art Circuit. Walk&Talk Art Festival commissioned by KWY Studio. Art piece: Variations of Yellow. Azores, Ponta Delgada (AZ)
2016 Art Route. Castelló d`Empúries. Catalonya (ES)
2016 Do you believe? Miquel Casablancas Prize - Sant Andreu 2015 Art Residents
2015.16 Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Fabra i Coats. Barcelona (ES)
2016 Fundació Guasch Coranty Private Art Foundation. University of Barcelona (ES)
2014 Stripart XIX. Emerging Art Show. Barcelona (ES)
2011 Exposição Finalistas Escultura. National Costume Museum and Monteiro Mor Botanic Park. Lisbon (PT)
2010 Pop Up. Dolls of Lisbon. Lisbon (PT)
2010 Dolls of Lisbon. Antagonist Movement Collective. New York (EEUU)
2009 Di-Fusion. Binéfar Youth Cultural Center. Aragón (ES)
2009 You have to burn to shine, or the bronze as an excuse. La Casa Elizalde. Barcelona (ES)

2017 Work in public space. Variations of Yellow. Lagoa das Empadadas. Public Art. Walk&Talk Art Festival. Commissioned by KWY studio. Azores (PDL)
2017 Work in private Art Foundation. Untitled. Site specific installation. Fundació Arranz Bravo. L´Hospitalet, Barcelona (ES)

2017 Photography - Pieces; Untitled, A drift, Ensayos para el espacio. Fundació Guasch Coranty. Barcelona (ES)

2017 FALLA Aldo Urbano and Ayelen Peressini. Catalogue. Arranz Bravo Foundation. Hospitalet, Barcelona (ES)
2009 Di-fusión. Collective exposition catalogue. Dep. Leg. B-18763-20099

Knowledge Programme (speaker) Talk about - Espaço, Lugar, Permanência e Arte Pública // Space, Place, Permanence and Public Art -. 
Walk&Talk 2017, Azores, Ponta Delgada (PDL)

Tidskriften RUM
Metal Magazine
SÁBADO Magazine
This is Tomorrow
El Español

Conferences (attendance)
2014 V Conferences. Low Tech/Architecture. EPSEB - Escola Politécnica Superior d´Edificació da Barcelona (ES)
2014 Col.ectivaccions. Seminary. Curatorial, training and production contexts. Mireia C. Saldrigues, Alberto Peral, Nora Ancarola, Sala de Art Jove. Fabra i Coats. Barcelona (ES)